Vincent: Signature Look

Vincent: Signature Look
Image by Max-California
This look was all about the jacket. I wanted a statement piece, and a Sgt. Pepper’s style military jacket was what was needed! I mean, this kid is a rockstar! The inside is just as fun as the outside {check out my blog for more pics}, I made a patchwork lining using every single fabric I used throughout the competition! The inside pocket of the jacket is the pocket of the shirt I used last week. I used the Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns as a base, modifying it heavily. I changed the collar up to a mandarin collar and stitched 6 metres of gold gimp braid to the front and 26cm of gold braid to the shoulders. I made the shoulder braid stick out a little over the shoulder seams. I also added braid on the sleeves, and stitched black cuffs underneath. 12 gold buttons handsewn to the front finish it off!

The rest of the look needed to be awesome, but not over-powering the jacket. I didn’t want him to look like he was in a costume {although he would have loved that probably!}. I chose plain black dropped-crotch ninja pants {because the kid dreams of being Kai from Ninjago} with a wide waistband and deep side pockets for shoving his Lego into. There always has to be a safe place for his Lego mini-figures. I made a slouch beanie from the bottom of an old black sweater and I finished off the look with a gold shirt. I used Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee pattern and made a slinky mustard-coloured tee. I practised drawing the bat a billion times, because I cannot draw, but eventually got the courage up to sketch the baby bat onto the tee using a fabric marker. I love bats, and Batman, and this is a subtle nod to the little guy who tears around the house with his ‘gwapple hook’ pretending to be Batman. My baby bat.

Don’t forget to head to my blog for more photos!