Image by amanky
Jonathan called me up to ask me a major favor… and invite me to actually help him finish up the primer on his new bedroom. I eagerly pulled out (& on) my paint clothes and went to work!

what we have here:
* a forest green long john shirt from Sears? (I got this my freshman year of high school… the last year my parents helped in any school shopping, in the era of grunge; I think I got 3 or 4 of these in varying colours!)
* Gap Overalls that are way too big at this point, hence them becoming paint pants (I picked these up nearly 6 years ago, at the Gap outlet, when Ella was just a tiny baby; I tried these on, over whatever I was wearing [probably shorts] all the while holding the baby!)
* that would be me, barefoot… not that you can see that as the pant legs are so long I can actually walk on the leg!