Homemade Pistachio Gelato (Pistachio Ice Cream) – Sicilian Style

Homemade Pistachio Gelato (Pistachio Ice Cream) – Sicilian Style
Image by madlyinlovewithlife
The pièce de résistance: homemade Pistachio Gelato, Sicilian style. Our first attempt at Pistachio Gelato was a total and eye-opening success. This gelato has no eggs or cream in it. It’s a traditionally made, Sicilian-style gelato made with cornstarch rather than egg yoks. The flavours rivaled my memories of Pistachio Gelato from the Italian gelaterias in Italy. It was creamy, full of pistachio flavour, and the texture was quite smooth, considering we used our homemade pistachio paste (the only way to achieve a finer texture would be to use a high quality commercial pistachio paste, such as Bronte Pistachio Paste from Italy).

Containing no eggs or cream, the thickening agent is cornstarch. We used only whole milk, cornstarch, sugar, a few drops of almond extract, a few drops of lemon juice and pistachio paste. Traditional Sicilian gelato has always been made using only cornstarch as a thickener and they are on to something: this is as delicious as any pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had, and it makes a perfect light tasty treat on a hot sunny summer afternoon!

Pistachio Gelato Recipe by David Lebovitz

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