Gap Filler

Gap Filler
Image by Jocey K
I found this new interactive project Weave-o-rama on a walk around the city on the last day of 2013.
Christchurch 31, 2013 New Zealand.

Hannah Hutchinson, a young local designer, has created a giant sized loom out of recycled timber, tyres and bicycle inner tubes called Weave-o-rama. Through the act of weaving on a giant ‘loom’ people can experiment with found and recycled materials and help to create a shared artwork. Weave-o-rama is located the corner of Gloucester and Colombo Street (formerly Mum’s 24 restaurant) with Gap Filler’s recently installed Sound Garden project and a Greening the Rubble garden.

Hannah has been exploring the repurposing of waste materials using textile processes as part of her recently completed bachelor of Design and Textile (Honours) through Massey University. Weave-o-rama explores how a 3D form (the frame) can create a sense of community as people interact with the installation and work together to create a tactile artwork (the warp).

“Weaving is a simple and easy skill to learn. I hope that Weave-o-rama will help to link people together, re-connect with the city in a new and creative way and at the same creating a new fabric for and of our city… It will be exciting to see what people can create out of found and provided materials…”

Hannah invites you to bring along anything from bits of old fabric, zips, cabbage tree leaves, packing-case ties – anything – to weave through the bicycle inner tubes that make-up the loom. For information about the official launch of this project in January and public workshops visit Gap Filler’s or the Weaveorama Face Book page.

This project has been in development since July 2013. Hannah came to us with the idea and we helped with project planning, sourcing timber, steel and fixings, construction and publicity. Life in Vacant Spaces helped to secure the site and Greening the Rubble have agreed to co-site with this project. Steel and Tube and Canterbury Museum provided materials and local bicycle shops throughout the city donated their old bicycle inner tubes. For more Info: