Image by amanky
a quick pic, taken as I headed out to meet a pal for coffee… a bit over dressed for the heat of today, but I was determined to wear my Antihell tee today (before realizing the implications of today’s date) and all I could find that went well with it were the same ok’ jeans!
I got to my destination (despite some car not wanting to start interruptions) & found the my coffee date was wearing coordinating thongs, jeans, & a green tee! sweetness.

what we have here:
* pink purse from the Gap outlet
* green Antihell tee (bought straight from the Antihell guy himself, Mark… I/we [Sara & I] got the last 2 green tees with this paint drip print! I met him at Andrew’s to do complete the transaction.)
* same ol’ jeans
* Birki thongs (my first purchase, at their opening, from the local Birkenstock store)